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3 Tips to Avoid Costly Winter Plumbing Leaks

The winter can be harsh, especially on your plumbing. The cold can cause water to freeze and even possibly break the pipes when it expands. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are three tips to avoid costly winter plumbing leaks.

1. Insulate Pipes

You insulate your home to keep it from getting too cold in the winter. You should do this to your pipes, too. There is special insulation made specifically for pipes. It covers the pipes, stopping the cold from affecting the water inside. This will help prevent the water in the pipes from freezing, even in the cold weather. It can also help water heat up faster.

2. Maintain Stable Heat

The pipes won’t freeze and burst if you don’t let the temperature get too low. Even when you’re gone, you should maintain a certain level of heat in your home. While it doesn’t need to be as high as when you’re home, you still want to heat your home. Use an automatic thermostat to have the temperature change automatically to match the schedule of your home.

3. Seal Leaks

If your pipes already have leaks, you need to get those fixed before the winter cold causes those leaks to get even worse. Talk to a professional plumber to determine if you can repair the damage or if you need to completely replace the pipes. If you don’t get the work done before winter, the problem could lead to a burst pipe. This can cause much more serious damage costing a lot more money.

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep your pipes working properly. While you can’t prevent all problems, you can prevent a burst pipe by trying these tips. When the pipes are working properly, you and your family will feel comfortable in your home. It will also save you money in the long run.

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