Puyallup Septic Tank Installation

    Septic tanks are a must-have for American homes that are not connected to a sewer. These tanks are usually situated underground in the front or back yard and serve a very important purpose: containing the wastes that are carried out of your home in a safe place.

    Septic Installation in Puyallup, WA - FloHawks Plumbing + Septic

    Although most homes are built with a septic system included, some older homes and “fixer-uppers” may have a damaged septic tank or lack one completely. Repairing an older home by yourself can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment and save you a lot of money. But a septic tank installation is something that should always be handled by an experienced and reliable technician who is certified and insured to work on septic systems.

    Septic Tank Installation Preview

    Your septic tank is part of a complex plumbing system, and a lot can go wrong if even a small part of the installation process is done incorrectly. In addition, installing a septic system requires the use of tools and hardware that even the most avid do-it-yourselfers don’t have, like a backhoe tractor, embedment material, and other contractor equipment.

    Because of the material contained within and the scope of work required, installation of a septic tank requires a large amount of paperwork to be filed with local and state governments. A septic tank installation performed by someone who isn’t licensed, bonded and insured may even violate state, county, or municipal laws.

    Professional Septic Tank Installation Services

    FloHawks Plumbing + Septic is a division of Northwest Cascade, and together we’ve served residents of Washington State with septic tank installation services for over 50 years. Armed with state-of-the-art tools and technology and the most skilled and experienced septic technicians in the state, we’re the clear choice for a professional septic tank installation. Our septic tank designs are state-approved and include full engineering reports and design drawings that meet code.

    Puyallup Septic Tank Installation

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