• Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

    This is a very common question. This is typically due to issues with the flapper of the toilet. First, try to jiggle the handle. If the issue is still not fixed – you may need to replace the flapper on your toilet. Call FloHawks Plumbing + Septic to speak to a specialist for help with toilet issues.
  • What is safe to put in a garbage disposal?

    Be careful what you put into your garbage disposal. They are not intended for things like bones, coffee grounds or egg shells. They are more suitable for soft debris. Ensure you are running water down the drain in order to flush the drain, and if you need garbage disposal repair or replacement, call a professional.
  • Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use?

    Most drain cleaners are toxic. Toxic chemicals can do harm to your drains by deteriorating the pipe lines. Be careful of the chemicals you are using and if you need pipe replacement, call a plumbing professional today.
  • Where is my shut-off valve located?

    Locating the main shut-off valve is not difficult, but if you have never done it you may need to look for a bit. It is typically located near the perimeter of the house behind a panel. The valve is usually located about 3 feet below ground level. If you locate your water meter outside and walk to your house, you should be able to find the valve in the place where your house meets your water line.
  • Why is my water cloudy?

    Cloudy water is usually due to three things: air bubbles, dirt or sulfur that is sitting in your plumbing. You may need to treat the water or have your hot water heater serviced. Call a professional to discuss possible causes and solutions to your cloudy water issue.
  • Help! Why is my water bill so high?

    High water bills could be due to a number of reasons: leaks within your faucets or toilets, irrigation leaks, or old plumbing fixtures. Your underground pipes could be leaking as well due to loose or cracked lines. Increases in water bills can also be due to personal lifestyle changes or water-wasting behaviors. Contact a specialist today if you need to speak to a professional about issues with leaking pipes.