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The pipes in your home are very similar to a human’s circulatory system. In this case, water travels in and out of your home through these veins. Over time, solid matter will be introduced into your home’s plumbing system, coating the walls of various pipes. If left unchecked, this solid matter will begin to restrict the flow of water, causing several plumbing issues that can lead to burst pipes, septic tank problems, and water damage.

The first signs that your pipes have accumulated buildup are slow drains and lower water pressure. If the water in your bathtub or shower takes more than a few minutes to completely drain, it’s safe to assume your pipes are clogged.

When Conventional Unclogging Fails

While many homeowners turn to do-it-yourself products and tactics to unclog drains, they may not know that these caustic chemicals can actually damage their septic tanks, causing more problems than they’re solving.

If the chemicals don’t unclog the drain, the next logical step is to contact a professional plumber, who will typically first use a plumber’s snake (also known as a hand auger) to manually dig and break up the buildup in the pipe. If the buildup has been there for a while or has hardened, the snake may be ineffective, requiring more advanced equipment.

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Hydro Jetting Services in Puyallup, WA - FloHawks Plumbing + SepticOne of the many reasons why FloHawks Plumbing + Septic is Washington State’s preferred provider of plumbing and septic services is our adaptability. Our expert technicians are not only fully trained, licensed and insured, but they’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools to solve any plumbing problem. When conventional pipe cleaning techniques don’t cut it, a combination of video pipe inspections and hydro jetting will typically get the job done.

Hydro jetting is very similar to a pressure cleaner for pipes. Very strong, concentrated streams of water are blasted into pipes in a forward and reverse motion, clearing out grease, sediment, and other types of buildup with ease. Before resorting to a major plumbing procedure like pipe replacement, having a hydro jet clean problem pipes can save you a lot of time and money.

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24 / 7 Emergency Service in Puyallup, Washington - FloHawks Plumbing + SepticIf you’ve tried everything but still can’t clear a clogged drain or pipe, a FloHawks Plumbing + Septic technician can provide the tools and expertise to solve the problem quickly. Best of all, a technician is available 24/7, 365 days a year including nights, weekends, holidays and for emergencies; simply call or use our convenient online scheduling form to have a technician come out when it’s best for you.
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