Pipe Repair Services for Your Home

    The plumbing system in your home is comprised of two subsystems of pipes—one brings water into the home, while the other carries used water out. On an average day, hundreds of gallons of water flow in and out of your home. We depend on these pipes to contain the water while inside our homes. If a burst pipe occurs, or a pipe ruptures, the damage caused can be extremely costly, and even dangerous.

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    Signs of Pipe Damage

    Luckily, signs of pipe damage are typically easily spotted, allowing you to have a certified and licensed professional from FloHawks Plumbing + Septic perform pipe repair services in your home. Just like most areas of your home, pipes require maintenance to make sure that they’re in good shape and functioning properly. If left unchecked, pipes can begin to leak, which can cause water damage in several areas of the home and attract pests. In turn, these small leaks can become larger and rupture, which can flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

    These signs can be found in various areas around your home and include:

    • Puddles of water near water fixtures
    • Water stains on walls and ceilings
    • Bubbled paint on walls in rooms with water fixtures

    Pipe Repair Services in Puyallup

    Pipe Repair in Puyallup, Washington -  FloHawks Plumbing + SepticFrozen, clogged, and leaking pipes are all common issues that can be easily fixed by your FloHawks Plumbing + Septic technician. Using state-of-the-art tools like video pipe inspection, our technicians can quickly identify the cause of a problem and fix it, quickly stopping a leak before it can damage your home.

    We know that a damaged or leaking pipe can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you scrambling for help. It’s why our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round. We don’t charge extra for calls at night or during the weekends and holidays.

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    To have your peace of mind restored and your pipes repaired, give us a call anytime at (253) 205-0706 or use our convenient Schedule Your Service tool, which allows you to set an appointment that fits your schedule.