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7 Signs It is Time to Replace your Main Water Line

Replacing your Main Water LineOver time, your main water line experiences plenty of wear and tear as it delivers water to and from your home every day. Many types of weather, extreme usage, and age all play roles in how often you may need to replace this essential part of your plumbing system.

If you pay attention to the signs that signal a worn or compromised main water line requires replacement and replace the line when necessary, you can avoid some of the cost, mess, and inconvenience associated with a burst main water line. If not, you could easily face the destruction of your entire plumbing system and possibly a home flooded with raw sewage.

Here’s what to look for when assessing the strength of your main water line:

An Increase in Your Water Bill – Are your water bills suddenly running a lot higher than in the past without any change in your actual water usage that you have noticed? This could signal a problem in your main water line.

Water Stains on Ceilings or WallsWater Pressure Issues – If you notice that your showers are of inconsistent water flow and temperature, you may be experiencing low water pressure. This could also be a sign of problems with your main water line.

Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls – These are red flags that there is a leaky pipe that needs replacement.

Pest Infestation – Are you noticing more insects, such as roaches and ants, in your home? Have you had a rat scare? These pests often appear in homes more frequently when they are able to enter through cracks and other types of openings in compromised main water lines.

Water Quality IssuesSounds in Your Walls – If you start to hear noises that appear to come from your walls when you turn your faucets on, there is very likely a problem with your main water line.

Water Quality Issues – Do you notice discoloration in the water that comes through your tap? Does it smell odd or appear to have dirt or debris floating in it? You definitely don’t want to drink that water or even bathe in it. These are clear signs that your main water line has been compromised in some way.

Standing Water in Yard – If you see puddles that form and last in your yard on a regular basis, it is definitely time to have your main water line checked by a plumbing professional.Standing Water in Yard

FloHawks Can Help

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We know that a damaged or leaking pipe can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you scrambling for help. To have your peace of mind restored and your pipes repaired, give FloHawks a call at (800) 356-4295 or schedule your service online where you can set an appointment that fits your schedule.

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