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Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink?

Coffee is one of the most common pantry items for a family to have, but what to do with all those coffee grounds? If you have a reusable coffee filter, you may be tempted to dump your spent coffee grounds down the drain in your sink. However, this can cause significant plumbing issues down the road.


Why You Shouldn’t Dump Coffee Grounds Down Your Drain


If you’re able to put other food waste into the garbage disposal, why not coffee grounds? While other foods break apart and biodegrade quickly in water, coffee grounds tend to clump together. This creates blockages in your pipes. Even if it seems like your sink drains fine after dumping coffee grounds into the garbage disposal, the grounds can build up over time to create bigger problems.


What Should You Do With Spent Coffee Grounds?


If not the sink, then where? Spent coffee grounds should always go into the garbage can or compost. While they’re not good for your sink, they’re excellent for your plants! You can also throw them directly into your garden to provide nutrients to your flowers, trees, or vegetables.


Opt for Paper Coffee Filters


While reusable filters are great for reducing waste, they create the difficult problem of disposing of coffee grounds improperly. Even if you dump most of them into the trash, you’re left with quite a bit that still needs to be rinsed out of the filter.


To mitigate this problem, we recommend sticking with paper coffee filters (which can also be composted!). If you’re not willing to give up the reusable option, then try rinsing the coffee grounds into a compost pail or directly into your garden using a hose.


What to Do If Your Sink Is Clogged with Coffee Grounds


If the deed has already been done, the best course of action is to contact one of our certified plumbers at [company_name]. Our experts can help flush out the clogged pipe and provide efficient repairs.


Are you dealing with backflowing water, slow drainage, or odors coming from your sink? Call [company_name] today for reliable, fast plumbing service!

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