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Grass Is Always Greener with a Drainfield Leak

The grass always being greener may sound like a good thing, but this saying may not always be true. The grass around your septic system can give you a clue as to the condition of your septic system’s health. Bright green grass in your yard may indicate a leak or early failure of your septic system’s drainfield. This could be the first indication to call FloHawks for a septic system inspection.

What’s Going On In My Drainfield?

What’s Going On In My Drainfield?Your drainfield is an important part of your septic system. Once wastewater effluent leaves your septic tank, it flows along into the drainfield where it percolates into the soil. If the drainfield is clogged, it will flood and cause sewage backups. The blockage creates an unclean environment for the grass. Areas of more lush grass growth over the septic tank may be signs that the tank is leaking or backing up and spilling effluent – a sign of potential trouble. Although it may not necessarily mean that you need a septic system replacement, it’s still a good idea to get it checked out before it gets worse.

Other Signs Of Drainfield Failure

Identifying a failing septic system can be difficult to an untrained eye. If you notice any of the warning signs listed below or have any suspicions that your system may have problems, our first suggestion is that you get an inspection from a licensed FloHawks professional. Septic systems do not typically show signs of failure until they are in an advanced state of deterioration. There are a few telltale indicators when trying to determine if your septic system has failed:

  • Standing water or soggy spots in the lawn in drainfield area or around septic tank area with lush, bright green grass
  • Sewage flowing up to the surface or backing up into the home
  • A foul “rotten egg” odor
  • A stinky, slimy, blackish liquid in the drainfield area
  • Plumbing backups, gurgling sounds, and slow draining sinks, toilets, and other fixtures
Caring For Your Drainfield

Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace, and poor maintenance is often the culprit. Having your septic system inspected regularly is incredibly cost effective when you consider the cost of replacing the entire system. To keep your system in good working order, treat your drainfield with the same care as your septic system. An unusable septic system or one in disrepair will lower your property value and could pose a legal liability. Maintaining your septic system saves you money! Learn more about our septic tank maintenance tips here.

If you suspect that your system is having some issues or just want some peace of mind, call FloHawks today. We are the area’s leading provider of professional septic system inspections, repair, maintenance, and installation. Our trained technicians can properly identify system failures and provide you with individual solutions. Call us at (800) 356-4295 or contact us today for an appointment.

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