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High-Pressure Drain Cleaning and Its Benefits

Dealing with stinky drains, clogged drains, and sinks that seem to take an eternity for the water to drain can be irritating and stressful. The smell emanating from your drains might make you reluctant to have friends or family over. If you have a blockage, foul-smelling drain, or seem to deal with drainage issues on a regular basis, then you should schedule high-pressure drain cleaning. Keep reading to learn more about what high-pressure drain cleaning is and its benefits.

What Is High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-pressure draining cleaning, also commonly referred to as hydro-jetting, is precisely as it sounds. A professional plumber will utilize a tool that sends pressurized water through your pipes. This breaks up any clogs and cleans the linings of your pipes. This method can remove grease, hair, soap scum, waste buildup, and other things that are sticking to the walls of your drainpipes.

After the cleaning, your drains should no longer smell, and you shouldn’t have to deal with slow draining issues. It is important to note that high-pressure drain cleaning will not fix all types of clogs. Severe clogs will require a different approach before high-pressure drain cleaning can be performed. For example, if you have a major clog that is the result of tree roots, that will have to be dealt with in a different way, and the pipe will need repair before high-pressure drain cleaning is performed. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a trusted professional plumber.

This type of drain cleaning doesn’t have to be done only when you have a clog or slow draining issues. Scheduling this service once a year or even every other year can remove any buildup that is forming before it results in a clog. It is a good preventative measure that keeps your drainage system clean and operating. Some benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning include the following.

Quick and Effective

High-pressure drain cleaning is fast and effective at clearing minor clogs. The time it takes your plumber to perform the job depends on how many sections you are having cleaned out. If it is your whole system, it could take two to three hours. If you are just looking to have a blockage removed and not a whole system cleanout, then you can have what is called a closed-circuit television (CCTV) survey done beforehand. This will allow the plumber to locate the blockage using a camera and only clean that section, which could take as little as an hour to complete.

Non-Invasive and Damage Free

High-pressure drain cleaning is non-invasive and will not damage your pipes. All that is needed is for a nozzle to be put a little way down the drain. The process does not involve any kind of drilling or digging, and nothing will be bashing against the walls of your pipes. High-pressure drain cleaning can reach all the areas of your drainage system, so you do not have to cut into any walls to access hard-to-reach sections.


High-pressure drain cleaning is the most affordable option for removing clogs and drain-line buildup. Other methods may include expensive equipment and digging work. High-pressure drain cleaning can save you thousands of dollars, especially if done at the first signs of a clog.

Environmentally Friendly

No toxic chemicals are used during high-pressure drain cleaning. Only water that is highly pressurized is used, making it safe for the environment. Additionally, by having clogs dealt with using this method, you can help keep your sewer line from bursting or leaking toxic sewage into the environment surrounding your home.

Count on Your Local Professional Plumbing Company

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