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How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies in My Drain?

Fruit flies are pesky insects that are attracted to rotting food found inside drains. While they’re tiny, fruit flies are hardy and tough to permanently get rid of. Try these tips to free yourself from their presence.

Remove Produce From Your Kitchen

Fruit flies are attracted to decaying fruits and vegetables. You should remove all produce from the countertops and pantry in your kitchen. If you store produce in your kitchen, put them in sealed containers or in the refrigerator.

Pour Boiling Water Into the Drain

Hot tap water isn’t enough to kill fruit flies. Instead, boil water on the stove and pour it into the drain. Do this a few times a week for several weeks to kill all the fruit flies and their eggs.

Set a Trap

You can make a fruit fly trap from simple ingredients. Put some ripe fruit in a small bowl. Pour a cup and a half and a half of apple cider vinegar in the bowl and a small amount of dish soap. Place the trap in your sink next to the drain.

Keep Your Sink Dry

Whenever you use your sink, wipe it dry. Fruit flies like standing water and breed in it. Keeping your sink dry will minimize their ability to breed.

Wash Produce

Fruit flies often get into homes by being present on fresh produce bought at the grocery store. Wash produce when you get home to remove them and their eggs.

Remove Garbage Frequently

Fruit flies are also attracted to garbage and from there get into your kitchen sink. You should take your garbage out frequently so any ripe fruits or vegetables in it don’t attract these pests.

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