Hydro jet into the New Year

Hydro Jet CleaningIf your pipes seem to take too long to drain or if you’re spending way too much time pouring caustic chemicals down your drains to no avail, hydro jetting your plumbing lines may be the best gift you give yourself this year.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a blast… for your pipes and plumbing. Traditionally used in commercial services, like restaurants to clear sewage and drainage lines of grease and food buildups, FloHawks and other plumbing and septic companies now suggest hydro jetting for residential drain and sewage line cleaning for homeowners on municipal sewer systems and also recommend hydro jetting for septic system cleaning.

Similar to a pressure washer’s intensity or to the water pressure in firehouses, hydro jetting blasts incredibly strong, concentrated streams of water into pipes in forward and reverse motions to break up clogs and grease build-ups in your pipes. Some homes’ drain and sewer lines collect sediment, sand or other materials. Accumulations of minerals and soil in your pipes can be another reason to consider hydro jetting for your homes’ sluggish pipes.

Doing Your Own Thing

While you might be tempted to use commercial chemical products for slow drains and clogs, these caustic chemicals can throw the balance of beneficial agents in your septic system off and cause a whole host of other issues in your septic system.

When chemicals and other homemade methods don’t get the job done, homeowners realize it’s time to call in the professionals. Generally, professional plumbers will haul out the proverbial plumber’s snake or hand auger to break up clogs. When stubborn buildups and hardened clogs prove too much for augers, try hydro jetting your lines before considering a major pipe replacement project. Hydro jet cleaning could save a lot of time and money you could be using for other more interesting things.

Don’t Try This At Home

For a number of reasons, pressure cleaning your pipes should be left to professionals. Because your pipes are underground and you can’t see where your pipe is clogged or in the worst-case scenario, broken, plumbing professionals, like FloHawks will perform a video pipe inspection prior to hydro jetting your lines. Video inspections can detect a variety of issues in your pipes, identifying build ups, cracks, line breaks, roots growing in a pipe, separated joints and deteriorating pipes, as well as determine the location and nature of clogs.

Additionally, professional plumbers are skilled at using specialized pressure-washing equipment for drain and sewage line cleaning and septic system cleaning. Snaking may break up clogs, but this method also leaves debris on pipe walls. Hydro jetting systems use up to 4000 psi water pressure to scour the walls of pipes, breaking up clogs and clearing your entire system from all debris.

Custom nozzles make it possible to cut through tree roots without compromising pipes, although the help of an auger may be employed first, to tear up heavy roots. Well meaning, industrious DIY homeowners risk damaging and breaking pipes with commercial pressure-washing equipment, plus they can’t tell were the problem is actually located without a video inspection.

Hydro Jetting’s Eco-Friendly Stance

For homeowners seeking environmentally conscious, green residential drain and sewage line cleaning solutions, hydro jetting is ideal, involving no harsh chemicals or component carbon emissions. Especially suited for septic system cleaning, hydro jetting won’t upset the balance of beneficial agents that keep your septic system in good health.

Make Hydro Jetting A Habit In 2016

Homeowners who need their pipes snaked on a regular basis can do themselves and their pipes a huge favor in the New Year. Make your New Year’s resolution to hydro jet your homes’ plumbing system on a regular basis throughout the year. For the short and long term, hydro jetting works to save you time and money.

Call FloHawks Plumbing and Septic to schedule an inspection and start the year right. We are available 24/7 365 days a year including nights, weekends, holidays and for emergencies for all of your plumbing needs. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year from FloHawks!

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