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Is It Time to Fix My Water Heater?

There’s nothing quite like returning to your Puyallup, WA, home at the end of a long day and taking a hot shower. You also rely on hot water for washing clothes, cleaning your hands, and keeping your house clean. Water heaters have a lifespan of about 10 years, and around this time, they might start to experience some problems. Read on in order to learn three signs that it’s time to fix your water heater.

1. No Hot Water

If there’s no hot water coming from your house’s fixtures, then a malfunctioning water heater is the likely cause. The unit may stop heating if there’s an issue with its power or gas connection. A broken heating element may also cause the unit to stop heating. These issues require professional repairs.

2. Inconsistent Water Temperature

Water heaters have a thermostat and sensor that are designed to maintain a consistent temperature for the water. If you notice that sometimes the water is too hot and other times it’s too cold, your water heater needs attention. It may require a new thermostat or a thorough cleaning in order to remove debris from around the temperature sensor.

3. Leaks

A leak coming from your water heater isn’t a good sign. Sometimes, the spigot or pressure valve may have worked loose. You can tighten them with a wrench, but you should go slowly. If the unit continues leaking, the water tank may be rusted. A connection or fitting could be corroded. If the unit is gushing water or releasing steam, this requires an emergency repair. The deluge water could damage your floors, drywall, and furnishings. If the water storage tank is rusted, a water heater replacement may be a better option.

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