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Sierra is Two Years Old!

Can You Believe Our Little Girl Is Two?

It just seems like yesterday we were holding a contest to figure our what to name our little bird. Well, Sierra is turning two today, and she has become an important part of the FloHawk Family.

She spends her time now hanging out with her other bird friends and doing appearances at FloHawks trade shows, fairs, and educational events. But her favorite activity is being anywhere where there are kids. And let us tell you – she loves showing off for kids. If you are interested in having Sierra come to your event, please call our Marketing Department, and we will set something up.

So, Who Is Sierra?

Sierra also likes giving out inspirational messages to help get you through the day. Follow her on FloHawks’ Facebook page to see what her next “Thought of the Day” will be.

Sierra is a Lanner Falcon who has been a part of the FloHawks family since her birth on May 11, 2015. Sierra was born in captivity and adopted by FloHawks Vice President JR Inman. Shortly after Sierra hatched, we held a contest on social media to come up with a fitting name for our new falcon. The name Sierra was chosen from the wide array of names suggested.

What Is A Lanner Falcon?

One of the oldest species of heirofalcons, and members of the Raptor family, Lanners have been used in falconry for more than a thousand years. They are especially prized for their ability to capture other birds such as pigeons and grouse. Lanner Falcons are fast, agile flyers, and not afraid to follow prey into the underbrush. Lanners use a horizontal hunting style, coming at their prey low, flat, and fast.

Unlike other types of birds, falcons do not build their own nests. Instead, they will take up residence in the abandoned nest of a bird of a large size such as raven or vulture. Lanner Falcons are native to Africa and Southeast Europe and like open and arid terrain, especially rocky cliffs.

Why Do We Have Sierra?

Although Falcons (or Hawks for that matter) are in no way related to plumbing or septic service, Sierra does resemble the FloHawks logo. We at FloHawks are committed to the environment and love the outdoors and wildlife so she fits well within our family. She also loves coming to trade shows and events and likes to sit on her perch and pose for photos.

Where Is Sierra Going To Be Next?

Sierra makes appearances at events several times a year, and you will be able to see here this year at the Pierce County Fair in August.

Be sure to follow FloHawks on Facebook to see where Sierra will be at next!

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