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What Are Grease Traps?

As their name implies, grease traps are designed specifically to trap fats, oils, or grease (FOG) before they can go down the drain and enter the public sewer line. Left unchecked, FOG can solidify and stick to the insides of pipes, trapping small pieces of food debris and other items. Over time, this solid mass […]

Drain Cleaning – Why You Should Hire an Expert

When you have a problem with a drain in your home, it’s best to turn to a drain cleaning expert to fix it. Even a simple blockage can result in big problems. [company_name] is located in Puyallup, WA. We have been drain cleaning experts since 1968. Here are some of the biggest reasons to hire […]

History of Plumbing in Seattle

It may seem difficult to believe, but there was a time when Seattle didn’t have a plumbing system. It now has one of the best systems in the nation, especially when it comes to water leak detection. Here’s an overview of how this happened. The Early Days When Seattle was established in 1851, people used […]