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5 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Cutting back on water use in your home will help save you money and put less strain on your plumbing system. Water conservation is also taking center stage at many discussions of how to combat drought and preserve our environment. While there are many ways to accomplish the goal of water conservation every day, here […]

Preventing Clogged Drains

Because clogged drains are such a common problem, it’s generally not a surprise when they happen – usually at the most inconvenient moments. What may be surprising is that there are a number of things you can do to avoid having clogged drains in your home that can lead to more serious plumbing problems. These […]

What To Do When My Septic Alarm is Going Off

Septic tanks typically come with alarms for a good reason. It is extremely important that you know if your septic system has a problem because the result could be pretty catastrophic. The septic alarms are meant to go off when the water level in your septic system’s pump tank is either too high or too […]

Should I Be Using Chemical Drain Cleaning to Clear My Drains?

Numerous septic tank chemical additives products are readily available in the marketplace today. Manufacturers claim that these additives are designed to “rejuvenate” bacterial populations living in a septic system, which can easily be destroyed by household chemicals. Other enzyme type-additives are intended to reduce fats, oils, and grease in a septic tank and supposedly minimize […]

Tips To Minimizing Sink Backups

Most of us never think about the many things we do every day that affect our sewer system. But, the reality is, our sewer lines are hard at work with every flush of the toilet, each time we turn the faucet on, use the dishwasher or start the washing machine. So, all it takes is […]

Sink Leaks That You Can Fix Yourself

If you’ve ever had a plumbing problem with your sink, you know how inconvenient it can be. Since you depend on your sinks for teeth-brushing, hand-washing, and a variety of other tasks, a problem with one of the sinks at your home in the Puyallup area can cause delays that leave you frustrated. For many […]

Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

Why is My Water Pressure Low

Low water pressure can be an annoying inconvenience – washing the dishes or taking a shower can sometimes take way too long when you are dealing with a low water flow situation. Water pressure problems have a tendency to present themselves in different ways. So what causes low water pressure? There can be many culprits. […]