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Waste Water Treatment Plant Cleaning: Digester Maintenance in Salem, OR

In June and July of 2017, FloHawks was contracted by the City of Salem, OR to clean out two city digesters. In all, it took five guys, three pump trucks, and four weeks to pump and screen almost one-million gallons of material. The city then land applied the pumped material on properties around the area to help the soil and environment. We love this kind of work and we are very good at it. Businesses and local governments of all sizes rely on our expertise. Our list of satisfied industrial pumping customers is large. We come prepared and armed with the latest in pumping and septic equipment and our technicians are able to pump, clean, empty, and transport large quantities of matter they produce, no matter the size. We pump high volumes of water, sludge, and anything in between, faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the industry. This saves businesses and municipalities a considerable amount of money and operational downtime. To learn more about our extensive in pumping and cleaning services, please contact us at 1-800-FloHawk or visit our website.

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