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What is a Water Hammer?

What is Water Hammer
When you turn off a faucet and hear a thumping or pounding sound, that’s water hammer. It happens when water quickly changes the direction of its flow and the resulting momentum causes the pipes to experience waves of pressure. If the problem isn’t fixed, it may cause serious damage to your plumbing system’s pipes.

Why Does Water Hammer Happen?

There are several reasons why water hammer occurs:

  • Pipe Attachment Issues
  • It may be that a loose pipe-mounting strip is causing your water hammer problem. These straps attach pipes to a framing to reduce your pipes’ movement when water flows through them. To fix the problem, use plumber’s tape or clips to secure the pipe.

  • Water Pressure Is Too High
  • If this is the case, you can install water pressure regulators to solve your water hammer problem. It should be installed at the place where the main water supply enters your home so you may only need one rather than several air chambers. This valve will also help protect all of your water-supplied appliances from the effects of high water pressure. When you install the water regulators, make sure to calibrate your water pressure to somewhere between 30 and 50 psi. Anything higher may cause damage to your equipment and void warranties.

What Can Be Done To Resolve Water Hammer?

There are several ways to fix water hammer depending on the issue:

  • Consider Installing An Air Chamber
  • This device solves water hammer by preventing water from creating the waves that cause waves of pressure in your pipes. Air chambers should be placed within the walls next to water valves. You can tell if your air chamber is working correctly by first turning off your main water valve. After opening your building’s highest water faucet, drain all of the water from your pipes by opening the water faucet at the lowest point in the building. After the water has drained from the lowest faucet, shut it off and open the main water valve. The resulting air should push out of the waterlines and stop the water hammer.

  • Clogged Air Chamber
  • If your air chamber isn’t working correctly, this could cause water hammer. Clean it by removing its pipe’s cap and remove any debris in the chamber.

  • Consider Installing A Mechanical Water Arrestor
  • If you want to reduce water hammer but installing an air chamber doesn’t work in a particular place, try installing a mechanical water arrestor. These sealed units absorb water movement and work particularly well for buildings that need high water pressure.

FloHawks Can Help Solve Your Water Hammer Issues

We know that water hammer is not only annoying but can cause serious and permanent damage to your pipes over time. Issues like this must be repaired quickly and professionally.

Call FloHawks today or schedule an appointment online at a time that works well for you.

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