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What to do with That Clogged Drain

What to Do With That Clogged DrainAll plumbing systems develop clogs. There’s no way to avoid it. What to do? As the old saying goes… the best solution is prevention. You can easily avoid clogged drains in a kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet, and floor drain by not abusing your drain line and using caution when dumping things down the drain. Avoid pouring fats, oils, and greases (like bacon grease) down the drain as they have a tendency to clump together or solidify (congeal) and block your plumbing pipes.

Don’t ignore a slow drain. Take action at the first sign of a problem to prevent a complete clog or backup from happening. Start simple, then work your way up to fixes that require specialty tools, or a substantial investment of time and effort. Remove the excess hair and gunk that has built up at the surface of the drain. Cleaning strainers and pop-up stoppers frequently can easily clear a common bathroom clog.

If the blockage isn’t too far into the pipes, a plunger can likely clear a clog. Plungers are sold at any hardware store or home center. Those with larger rubber bells deliver more thrust. Be sure it has a sturdy handle so you can apply plenty of force. A plunger that has a cup with a flat bottom works well for sinks, tubs, and showers. Plunging can be quick and easy or it could quickly become a wet mess — be sure to have a bucket, rags, and a sponge close at hand.

Another way to prevent clogs, if you have a septic tank, is to have a professional inspect it every two to three years to ensure it is functioning properly. These regular maintenance inspections will help identify any potential issues early on and save you headaches down the road.

Time To Call In The Pros

Know when to say when – sometimes a Do-It-Yourself repair project can cause more harm to your plumbing than the clog itself. Exerting too much force can permanently damage a pipe or fixture. If you can’t clear a clog after a few attempts, turn the job over to a licensed and insured professional plumber such as FloHawks. We have trained experts with professional tools like augers that can clear blockages deep in drain lines beyond your reach, or remove stuck objects in the pipes.

FloHawks has been clearing drains since 1965. We will unclog your drain and provide maintenance tips for keeping your drains flowing freely. We know how much of a headache a clogged drain can cause – that is why we are available 24/7 including nights, weekends, holidays and for emergencies. Contact us online or call us today at 800-356-4295.

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