What you should not put into your Septic System

As home owners we put lots of stuff down our sinks, toilets and drains that we should think differently about.

What things should not go into a septic?

Fats, oils & greases (FOG). After cooking most people wash dishes and washout milk containers and all other food scraps into the sink. A lot of this adds FOG to our septic.

Coffee grounds, egg shells, nut shells. All these kind of things cause your septic to fill up with solids faster and can be pushed through out to drain fields and plug up drain holes & soils.

Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, paper towels or rags. All of these fill up the septic and can plug inlet and outlets to the tank and cause pumping to be needed more frequently.

Hobby or craft materials like paints, thinners or other chemicals. All can kill bug life in the septic and cause the system to die or not function correctly. The materials may also get into the drain field area and do not break down and may cause premature failure of the system.

Filter tips of cigarettes, disposable diapers. Both can also plug baffles and increase the need for the septic tank to be pumped sooner than normal.

The rule of thumb is to not put materials into the septic that did not go through your mouth except toilet paper. Your system will work longer with less maintenance needs in the long run. Talk to your local provider or call FloHawks if you have more questions.

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