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Does Bleach Cause Damage in a Septic System?

Is Bleach Safe for a Septic System?

The answer to this question is yes and no. A small amount of bleach won’t harm a septic system. However, a large amount of bleach can be very harmful.

Adding three-quarters of a cup (or less) of bleach to a load of laundry is not going to damage your septic system. The bleach becomes less potent as it does the job of removing stains and dirt from a load of soiled clothing. So, most of the bleach has dissipated by the time the water drains out of the washing machine and into the septic system.

One or more bottles of bleach can damage your septic system. How? A large amount of bleach can kill the bacteria in your septic tank. The role of this bacteria is to break down the solid waste that travels into the tank. If the bacteria aren’t there to break down the solid waste, it causes a clog that’s likely to lead to a serious backup. In short, bacteria play an essential part in the workings of your septic tank.

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What Household Items Contain Bleach?

As you may have guessed, laundry detergent is not the only household cleaning item that contains bleach. Additional household cleaners with bleach include:

  • Sanitizing solutions
  • Toilet cleaning solutions
  • Drain cleaning solutions
  • Floor cleaning solutions

As a note, the ingredients in a household cleaner may include sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite is the main component of bleach.

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