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Leak Detection and Leak Repair in Kent WA



Do you suspect you have a leak in your home? Here at As experienced leak detection experts, at Flohawks our plumbers know that any sign of a leak is a critical situation, both because it can indicate extensive hidden damage is occurring. It can also be a sign of pipe damage that will quickly worsen, or is present in aging pipes throughout your home and under your foundation. We also offer expert slab leak repairs for your home in Kent, WA, and expert detection that can help find problems under your basement floor before they expand, leading to cracked foundation walls and other damage. We use traditional techniques, extensive experience, and new technologies to help limit the effects of leaks in your home by catching them quickly, hopefully before they cause physical damage inside your walls, wiring corrosion, mold damage, and other problems that are costly to repair. If you see a damp spot on the wall, do not wait to call!

Expert Leak Detection and Repair in Kent

Leaks typically start as pinhole damage in one or more pipes, either from degradation of plastic material or corrosion of metal, often as a result of hard water flowing through over the years. Vibrations in your pipes as appliances turn on and off over the years can cause wear against metal brackets and lead to leaks, and under your home, shifting soil and movements in the earth from minor seismic activity can even rupture plumbing under the concrete slab. Our knowledge and experience helps us look in the right places for leaks, and technology plays an important role these days, with ultrasonic equipment listening for the sounds of even tiny leaks, and providing range information so we can cut through more accurately to make a leak repair.

Running a video camera into your pipes, much as we do for sewer line inspection, provides images of the condition of your pipes in Kent and the nature of the damage involved in the leak. In addition to getting to pipes in walls and under your foundation, video helps us inspect your water line without extensive digging. Once we have located the leak, our modern leak repair alternatives include patching, pipe relining, and other less disruptive processes, as well as repiping for worn plumbing.

Our leak detection process usually begins with an alert homeowner finding:
  • Paint or wallpaper damage on walls
  • Bubbling paint surfaces on ceilings
  • Musty smells from mold growth in walls
  • Pests and vermin seeking the moist, dark spaces leaks create
  • Warped wooden floors
  • Any other clues that leaks are occuring

If you notice signs of a hidden leak, such as blistering paint on a wall or damaged wallpaper, you are likely to be seeing the “tip of the iceberg,” when leaking water finally reaches a surface where you can see it. It may have traveled some distance inside your walls or ceilings, causing damage along the way. Our advanced leak detection technologies help us get directly to the source of the leak for repairs, even if it’s some distance from the clues that a leak is occurring.

Expert Slab Leak Repairs and Plumbing

If your home was built with plumbing routed under the concrete slab foundation, pipe leaks can become a complicated problem to solve. In addition to wasted water, damage to your foundation can occur, and if hot water pipes are run under the slab, energy will be wasted along with water until slab leak repairs are performed. Slab leaks can create large pockets of water that gather under your basement floor and eventually emerge as puddles near your foundation, putting pressure on the concrete and leading to cracks and damage over time. In addition to these puddles, you may find damp spots on your basement floor, or warm spots if hot water is leaking under the slab, along with rising energy bills and a puzzling hot water shortage. Our plumbers have experience and training with the complexities of slab leak repair, detecting leaks using advanced methods and a thorough understanding of the plumbing involved. Our repair techniques are advanced as well, including relining and patching pipes as well as replacing and repairing them, and rerouting pipes from under the slab into your basement as an economical alternative. 

Trusted, Professional Plumbing Leak Repairs

Our Flohawks trusted plumbers provide leak detection, leak repair, and experienced slab leak repair services for residential and commercial customers, with diagnosis and repair strategies that get the job done with a minimum of disruption and prompt resolution of plumbing problems that can result in extensive damage and wastewater contamination if unaddressed. We provide 24/7 emergency response to get leaks under control, so our customers can get action as soon as they have concerns. Our Flohawks team is the best choice in Kent for serious plumbing care and septic services, with fully licensed, extensively trained and experienced plumbers ready to serve you when you need us most.

Are you concerned about pipe leaks and related damage in Kent? Our leak detection and leak repair experts and slab leak repair team can help. Contact us today!