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Should You Insulate Your Water Pipes?

Should You Insulate Your Hot and Cold Water Pipes?


The plumbing system in your home has two subsystems of pipes, which bring water into your home and sends water out. These pipes are important for the health of your home as they move hundreds of gallons of water through your home daily. A burst pipe can cause massive damage. Insulating your water pipes protect your pipes and lower the cost of running your water into your home as well.


Why You Should Insulate Your Water Pipes


Insulation sleeves for water pipes are only about a dollar per foot. Insulation sleeves keep pipes away from your wall insulation and increase your efficiency. There are obvious reasons to insulate your hot water pipes, but there should be insulation on cold water pipes as well.


Reasons for Hot Water Pipe Insulation


Insulating your hot water pipes allows you to keep your hot water hot for longer. Using a traditional water heater tank already has you paying to keep backup water hot. The insulation sleeves allow the water in the pipes to cool at a slower pace. Some of the best insulation sleeves can even add a few degrees to your water without using extra energy. While showering and washing dishes, you’ll notice a difference with insulation sleeves.


Using installation sleeves for your hot water pipes saves money on water because it’s quicker to reach the correct temperature. Sometimes there can be a knocking noise when running your hot water, which is the pipes expanding from the heat. The insulation sleeves can help quiet the noises.


Reasons for Cold Water Insulation


While cold water pipes don’t need to preserve heat, insulating them does have benefits. Coldwater pipes that run through any unfinished areas can freeze during the winter. The simple insulation sleeves on your cold water pipes can prevent an expensive repair during the winter, too. Coldwater pipes that run through any unfinished areas during the summer can become warm. The insulation sleeves can prevent your cold water from getting warm and condensation buildup. The moisture from condensation can cause water damage in your home.


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