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Tips for your Septic System During Thanksgiving Gatherings

Septic System Tips During Thanksgiving GatheringsWhenever you have a number of guests in your home at the same time, plumbing issues may arise due to the capacity of your plumbing and septic system. This is because the system was designed to accommodate a certain number of people over a defined period of time. Problems can arise when you have more people using more water than the system can accommodate which can happen often during your Thanksgiving gathering. When this happens, it can definitely put a damper on your event in your home.

Here are some tips on how you can diagnose and fix some of the common problems that can occur:

  • Septic Tank Alarm Going Off
  • This can happen when more water than usual is being used over a short period of time. Extra added water in the tank may cause the system’s float to rise and trigger the alarm. If your system is on a timer, push the silence button and then don’t use much water over the next 24 hours so that the system can reset and the alarm light will deactivate. The reset involves the system syncing again with the pump so it starts to filter effluent into the drain field again.

  • Kitchen Sink is Clogged
  • itchen Sink CloggedThese backups often happen due to food preparation and dishwashing. If food and grease flow into your drain and build up, your pipes clog and the result is a backup in the sink. First, place a plunger over the sink’s drain and have a rag handy to help clean up any residual water. Move the plunger up and down multiple times but don’t lift it off the drain. If your sink is still clogged, your p-trap may be malfunctioning. The device should be clearing your line and allowing the water to flow out. Clear the device and your sink should unclog. If this doesn’t work, call a professional plumber. At FloHawks, we can remove and clean the traps. Our technicians can also cable the line with a snake to clear the pipes. Don’t use drain cleaner because it can be toxic to septic systems.

  • Toilet is Backed-up
  • Use a plunger or toilet auger to clear the backup. If this doesn’t work, a professional plumber can simply remove your toilet and clear or remove anything that is causing the clog.

If These Don’t Work Then FloHawks Can Help

We know that plumbing problems during family gatherings especially with Thanksgiving can present a challenge that should be handled quickly and professionally. If these DIY methods don’t do the trick, give us a call or schedule an appointment online. Our team of professional plumbers will be happy to help with any residential plumbing or septic system needs.

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