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Common Causes for a Sewer Backup

A backed-up sewer can cause a disaster in your home. It can result in raw sewage pooling in drains, bathtubs, toilets and the basement. Here are the most common reasons a sewer backup occurs:

Tree Roots

Tree roots are the most common reason for sewer backups. Tree roots can penetrate and grow around a sewer line, crushing it. This blockage results in sewage backing up into your home. Warning signs that this is happening include slow-flowing drains and gurgling noises coming from your toilets.

A tree doesn’t need to be over your sewage line for this to occur. Some trees grow very long roots. The tree might even be in a neighbor’s yard.

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Broken or Collapsed Sewer Line

Older homes usually have cast-iron or clay piping. Both of these materials break down over time, which results in sewage backing up. Sewer lines nowadays are made out of plastic, which is a more durable material.

A Clog

Sewer lines can become clogged. If you’re having problems with just one sink, toilet, bathtub or drain, it’s likely that there’s a clog in the sewer line not far from it.

If you have problems every time a toilet is flushed or water goes down a drain, the problem is likely in your main sewer line. You will need a professional plumber to solve this issue.

Your Municipality Caused the Issue

Municipal sewage lines can become blocked. This results in a number of homes behind the blockage having sewage backup. All you can do is call your municipality and report the problem.

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