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Septic Alarms Going Off and What to Do

Septic Alarms Going OffSeptic tanks typically come with alarms for a good reason. It is extremely important that you know if your septic system has a problem because the result could be pretty catastrophic. The septic alarms are meant to go off when the water level in your septic system’s pump tank is either too high or too low because either condition can cause damage to the system and should be prevented.

Why Is The Alarm Going Off?

If the septic alarm goes off, there are generally several reasons why:

  • Power – Someone may have just turned off the power switch. Check to see if the power in on at the pump. The alarm may be on a separate power source.
  • Overuse – Do you have guests in your home who are adding to the extra water use? Maybe you are doing extra laundry or dishes after a big event? These may be the reasons for the alarm, especially if you have been properly maintaining the system.
  • Heavy Rain – Heavy rain causes groundwater seepage into your septic system. When it overflows, your alarm may go off.
  • Parts Problem – Your alarm will likely go off if one of your septic system’s components is faulty. It could be your pump, floats, your timer – or the alarm itself. If you haven’t had your system inspected by a professional, this is a good reason to have it done.

What To Do When Your Alarm Goes Off

What To Do When Your Alarm Goes OffFirst, locate the red button or switch on your septic alarm box and flip it to turn off the alarm. You will also see a red light and a green light on the box – check that the green light is on because that shows that the alarm has power. If you see that the red light is on, that means that the water level in your tank is getting too high.

FloHawks Can Help

When you have a problem with your septic system, FloHawks is prepared to handle it quickly and professionally. These are not DIY jobs. Septic system care and maintenance requires skills that our experienced team has accrued. Let’s get your septic system in tip-top shape – call FloHawks today to schedule a visit at (800) 356-4295. You can also schedule your appointment online.

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