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Lacey Water Heater Service

Did you want to take a shower before heading out for dinner at Ricardo’s Kitchen + Bar, but stepped into a freezing stream? It’s time to call [company_Name] for water heater repair in Lacey, WA! Our 24/7 emergency plumbing service team can stop the flood from the burst tank and plan for a permanent repair. In a short time, you can look forward to cooling down after a workout at Tanglewilde Recreation Center without freezing your toes!

Water Heater Service in Lacey

Effective Water Heater Repair in Lacey

There are several reasons that you may not have any hot water at your kitchen faucet. Our fully trained plumbers will troubleshoot the problem by starting at the source. Give us a call for water heater repair if you notice:

  • Water on the floor by the hot water tank
  • Running out of hot water before the end of your shower
  • Constant running of your home’s boiler in the summer
  • Hot water that is too hot or too cool even after adjusting the setting
  • High electric bill due to constant demand by water pumps

We can likely fix the problem without having to replace the entire tank. Some common repairs include replacing the thermostat, pressure relief valve, expansion tank, or anode tube.
If we cannot repair your tank, not to worry! We can also install a new tank as soon as possible.

Affordable Lacey Water Heater Installation on Your Schedule

Most water heaters last about 15 years before they need to be replaced. When it is time for a new one in your laundry room, give us a ring. We can help you source an appropriately sized unit and take care of all your water heater installation needs. Our experienced crew will take about four hours to get the new unit in place and hooked up. You will have hot water by supper time! Are you interested in opting for a more efficient type of water heater? Ask us about our on-demand tankless hot water heaters or a hybrid unit that can help to significantly lower your utility bills over the life of the unit.

[company_name] has offices in multiple communities throughout the greater Lacey area. This means that anytime that you encounter a plumbing problem, we have the people and equipment needed to get it fixed fast. Stop suffering through cold showers or waiting at the kitchen sink to heat up enough water to do the dishes. Call us today for water heater repairs, installation, or other plumbing challenges. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call a plumbing specialist when you need water heater repair and replacement in the following areas: