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Four Ways to Protect Your Septic System When Doing Laundry

Washing Machine in Puyallup, WA

There’s no shortage of horror stories involving septic systems and overflowing wastewater from washing machines. The good news is that a modern and well-maintained septic system can capably handle the wastewater that’s produced when doing laundry. However, if your Puyallup, Washington home has a septic system, there are still a few precautions that you should […]

Does Bleach Cause Damage in a Septic System?

Septic pumping in Puyallup, WA

Is Bleach Safe for a Septic System? The answer to this question is yes and no. A small amount of bleach won’t harm a septic system. However, a large amount of bleach can be very harmful. Adding three-quarters of a cup (or less) of bleach to a load of laundry is not going to damage […]

How Working From Home Can Affect Your Septic System

A septic system’s recycled water may help replenish groundwater resources, but if it’s not operating correctly, it might pollute adjacent water bodies. Today, more people than ever before work from home for more extended periods. So, of course, spending an extra eight hours a day at home will result in more water being used. As […]

Can You Hook Up Your RV to a Septic Tank?

Septic repair in Puyallup, WA

If you own an RV and also have a home with a septic system, you may have wondered if it’s possible to hook up your RV to your septic tank. And the answer to that question is simple. Yes, you can. But it’s not always a job you’ll be able to do yourself. Here’s how […]

How to Choose Between Plastic and Concrete Septic Tanks

Septic Tank in Puyallup, WA

When you are shopping for a septic tank, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the type of tank you’ll purchase. Most modern septic tanks are made of either concrete or plastic. Both of these materials have their own unique advantages, so the right style will really just depend on your […]

Tips on Caring for Your Septic Tank During Cold Weather

Frozen Septic in Puyallup, WA

Cold winter weather can bring with it all sorts of challenges and potential issues. If your home has a septic system, one such potential problem could be it freezing due to the cold. For this reason, it is essential that you take a few precautions to protect your septic tank from the cold. Make Sure […]

How to Keep Your Septic System From Freezing in the Winter

Pure water in Puyallup, WA

Many homeowners take precautions to protect their pipes in the winter so that they don’t freeze. What they don’t realize is that their septic system may be susceptible to freezing as well. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to keep this from happening. Take a Hot Shower Every Day One of the […]

How Often Should a Septic Tank Be Pumped Out?

When to Clear Your Residential Septic Tank   If you live in a rural area without a municipal sewer line, you need to have a septic tank to store wastewater and sewage from your home. Since a septic tank is not connected to any outflow, it needs to be emptied every few years. This post […]

What’s That “Rotten Egg” Smell?

A sewer gas odor can come from your household septic system or the sanitary sewer system. If you notice a foul smell that is causing a problem in your home, it may be sewer gas. WHAT IS SEWER GAS? Septic StenchSewer gas is a complex mixture of toxic and non-toxic gasses that can be present […]

Bacterial Breakdown in Septic Tanks

Life inside your septic tank is a carefully maintained of billions of naturally occurring microscopic critters living in a septic system, allowing it to work properly. For bacteria activity to occur, a septic tank should have a temperature above 40 degrees F. Bacteria, which are naturally present in all septic systems, digest the solids that […]