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5 Common Causes Your Kitchen Sink Might Be Leaking

Water leaks can strike at any time and often without warning. A leaking kitchen sink can be a source of frustration and confusion, leaving homeowners scrambling for pots, pans, and towels to stem the flow. Wondering why your kitchen sink decided to stage a waterworks show? Read on as we dive into the top 5 […]

Clogged Drains: Tackling Common Clog Culprits

A clogged drain is a common household issue that can quickly turn into quite a frustrating ordeal. Whether it’s a slow drain or a complete blockage, a clogged drain is something you surely don’t want to ignore. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of how to unclog a drain if you’re a […]

Liquid Environmental Solutions Acquires FloHawks Plumbing + Septic

IRVING, Texas, September 3, 2020 – Liquid Environmental Solutions (“LES”) announces that, effective today, the company has acquired the assets of FloHawks Plumbing + Septic (“FloHawks”) – a leading provider of septic services including pumping, inspections, repair and maintenance, as well as plumbing and drain cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers in the […]

Planting Trees and Avoiding Your Drain Field

Planting trees around your home can quickly improve the curb appeal of your property. In addition, mature trees can provide a lot of shade that can help keep your home in Puyallup comfortable in the summer without having to use your air conditioner as much. On top of that, the tree roots help hold the […]

FloHawks is here for you during the COVID-19 crisis

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to update you on actions taken by FloHawks Plumbing and Septic to maintain business operations. We want to emphasize that FloHawks remains open for business and is committed to carrying out our work for our customers under these challenging circumstances. We’ve taken precautionary measures, following guidance from […]

5 Easy Ways to Conserve More Water

Cutting back on water use in your home will help save you money and put less strain on your plumbing system. Water conservation is also taking center stage at many discussions of how to combat drought and preserve our environment. While there are many ways to accomplish the goal of water conservation every day, here […]

What to Do When You Clog Someone Else’s Toilet

Horror hits hard the moment you realize you have clogged your host’s toilet, and awkward doesn’t even begin to describe how you’ll feel telling them about it. But there may be a way out of this embarrassing situation if you follow a few simple steps. Don’t Panic Panic never unclogged anyone’s toilet, so don’t waste […]

What is a Water Hammer?

When you turn off a faucet and hear a thumping or pounding sound, that’s water hammer. It happens when water quickly changes the direction of its flow and the resulting momentum causes the pipes to experience waves of pressure. If the problem isn’t fixed, it may cause serious damage to your plumbing system’s pipes. Why […]

What is a P-Trap?

What is a P-Trap

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation – or you smell a noxious odor emanating from your plumbing pipes – you will quickly become very familiar with a P-trap. P-traps can be made of either PVC or metal. This essential plumbing fixture is usually installed under bathroom and kitchen sinks to trap debris […]

Rain and Potential Impact on Your Drain Field

Once it appears that winter is giving way to spring in the Puget Sound area, we can expect plenty of rain. Although you may not realize it, this can damage your septic system. When a significant rainfall floods the ground surrounding your drain field, which is a soil absorption area, it becomes saturated. This makes […]